Toyota Town Ace fot sale ready to go
  • Toyota Town Ace fot sale ready to go
  • Toyota Town Ace fot sale ready to go
  • Toyota Town Ace fot sale ready to go
  • Toyota Town Ace fot sale ready to go
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Toyota Town Ace fot sale ready to go

February 15, 2019
Hi there,

After 11 months, Vandalf is ready to go on roads with new friends. It is perfect for travelling alone or 2 people.

Toyota Town Ace white 1985
275 200 km (distance overestimated, probably less)
9l/100 km
Autonomy of 600km
Wof Ok until january 2015
Reg Ok until 24.09.2014

Lateral slide door + back door

It is equipped with ELECTRICITY, with own electric meter independent from battery.

3 NZ power outlets, 1 electrical extension, 1 electric cable to plug on camping ground for electricity, pluggable solar panels to the cigarette lighter.

Inside :

Kitchen :
Gas cooker with 2 burners, gas bottle (4 liters)
2 stoves, 1 wok, 2 pans, 2 glasses, 2 mugs, 4 bowls, 2 plates, forks and knives . everything included to cook and eat
Electric cooler with connection to the cigarette lighter

You can cook inside or outside

Living room:

Interior with carpet
Folding table included in the storage furniture (5 storages)
3 storages + 1 drawer for cooking utensils
3 drawers under the bed for clothes (1 large and 2 medium)
1 small heater (really useful in winter !)
1 large closet
The sofa bed allows being sit and eating (or other activities) comfortably
1 European electrical multi-outlet
1 converter New Zealander (to plug to the cigarette lighter and can charge your electrical devices while driving)


Sofa bed that turns into a bed for 2 people (easy to install) with box spring and mattress
2 blankets
2 sleeping bags
1 electric blanket (very useful in winter)
1 pillow
4 cushions
2 fitted sheets
Curtains that allows privacy and avoid being woken up early in the morning
3 cigarette lighter power outlets at the rear
2 saving bulbs to plug on the cigarette lighter
1 low consumption roof light


Solar lamp also pluggable on the sector
1 tent
2 folding chairs
2 camping mats
2 sleeping bags
1 awning hookable the van that increases living space
Documentation about New Zealand (guides, brochures DOC on hikes, road map with annotations)
1 body board (also allows you to surf the dunes :))
1 solar shower 20 liters
1 fishing rod
20 liters water reserve
Washing line

Mechanical side:

Goes everywhere (gravel roads .)
2 keys
Full service history with all bills
Spare wheel with his jack and wrench
Tool kit

Repairs during our trip:
Steering direction
Glow plugs (note that it has always started on the first turn of the key, including winter!)
Two front tires changed in July 2014
New wipers
Oil change always made on time (will also be made before the sale). It does not consume a lot of oil (just one bottle in 11 months).

The battery has been tested and is good.

Radio K7 with jack plug for MP3 players with two small speakers on the back
First aid kit
Axe and folding shovel (practical to dig at Hot Water Beach!)
2 travel mugs

Can be seen in Auckland from August 25 and available by arrangement from that date.

It has been perfect for us for this year and we leave it with regrets.

Feel free to contact us by email or phone for more informations or photos. / 022 173 7961

See you soon,

Léa and Laurent
Contacts : send an email,
  • Type : "Motor-home, Camper Van and RVs"
  • Brand : Toyota
  • Model : Town Ace
  • Year : 1985
  • Mileage : 275200Km
  • Energy : Diesel
  • Color : White
  • Interior Color : Beige
  • Gearbox : Manual
  • Vehicule inspection : OK
  • Features : Radio K7, Radio MP3
  • Misc Equipment : No smoking
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